Add Facebook Like, Pinterest Pin, to NextGen Gallery Images in WordPress

Add Facebook Share and more to NextGen Gallery images

Add Facebook Share and more options to NextGen Gallery images

NextGen Gallery is the plugin I use on this website to share my web design portfolio with you.  The NextGen Gallery is probably the most-downloaded gallery tool for WordPress.

Many gallery users have asked how to add a Facebook Like buttons to the NextGen Gallery.  I wanted to have the option to use Facebook Like, Pinterest Pin, Twitter and Google Plus sharing enabled for gallery images.

So I paid a programmer to create my first plugin: ShareMyGallery.  It gives you a choice to add up to 4 sharing tools to your images: Facebook Like, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter. It’s currently $18 for a license to use it on up to 3 sites you own.

On Facebook and Pinterest, the ShareMyGallery posts a thumbnail version of the image, your caption or description from your image, and a link back to your gallery page.

You can see it in action on the portfolio on this site, and at the demo at

Here’s how to use it

  1. You upload and install NextGen Gallery in your WordPress website – if you’re not already using it.
  2. Make sure to enter Alt and Title Text at a minimum, to your images in your gallery.  You may also want to add a description to your images.  Either your Alt text or Description provides the text shared with your image in the next step.
  3. Now, install ShareMyGallery. On the Settings page, select which tools you want to activate.  You do this by dragging the icon for Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus or Twitter into the ‘active’ list.  Finally choose whether you want the image alt text, or the description – or both – to be shared with your image.

Do you want to try the Demo and see how it works? If you try it, post a link to your Gallery so we can see and try the sharing tools out for you.





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