Consultant Websites: 5 Parts to a Powerful Welcome Video

If you’re a consultant, teacher or coach, you may wonder what’s the best message for your website home page.  Should you introduce yourself, your specialty and how you help? Should you just greet and welcome people? Should you give a quick overview of your programs and offers? What about converting your visitor right away into a subscriber or buyer?

To Start: Say Who You Are and What Makes a Good Fit

Your overall goal is to lead the right visitors to become clients.  The job of the home page is to help your future client see instantly what’s most beneficial to them, and how to explore it. The first thought visitors have is whether there’s a good fit between their needs and your resources. You want to inspire your target clients to think: “This is for me.”

Give the Visitor Something of Value

A well-made home page video is one of the most powerful ways to introduce yourself, and build a frame of reference that instantly helps your target visitors feel included – like this is where they belong. It’s also a great place to offer needed tips, something of value, or your expertise.  You do this by explaining where to find free guidance and get instant help now.  After offering, ask for your visitor’s email address so you can send a free guide and lead visitors to explore more.

Use This Chance to Start an Interaction

Because your visitor should have to click to play it (no auto-plays on your home page please!), your home page video is a great way to spark interaction while building a good sense of what you offer.

5 Parts to a Welcome Video that Engages Good Prospects

Many consultants offer a video welcome, but some are more effective than others. By looking at good examples from professionals who are well regarded and successful, some common elements emerge.  The most effective videos have these 5 elements:

  1. Create a feeling of personal encounter; help the visitor feel welcome.
  2. Identify the ‘fit’: Define who the business intends to help. Your words, personal style and the setting work together to signal who is best suited to benefit.
  3. Address the visitor’s primary concern. Say what change your work makes possible.
  4. Enable your visitor to get useful help immediately.
  5. Promote conversion or action: Make clear what to do next.

Consultant Home Page Videos: 3 Great Examples

Here are 3 great examples of consultant welcome videos.  While the style or the industry may not apply to you, each one of these sets a great example of content that builds the target visitor’s interest and offers a pathway to explore working together.

1) Tad Hargrave’s Marketing for Hippies:

From Tad Hargrave's Welcome at Marketing For Hippies
From Tad Hargrave’s Welcome at Marketing For Hippies

This marketing consultant wants to attract ethically minded business owners who may well have mixed feelings about marketing. As you can tell by the domain name, Tad Hargrave is especially skilled at helping his clients identify themselves and see a good match with his services.   His video takes deliberate steps to help his target client feel included, appreciated, welcomed and helped – in the first 15 seconds. He does this by:

  1. Offering a friendly greeting and introducing himself by name
  2. Saying thanks to appreciate the visitor’s time and attention
  3. Drawing a quick frame of reference around the audience and top concerns: “Chances are you are a green local independent holistic community minded kind of entrepreneur who’s struggling with your marketing and not attracting enough clients.”
  4. Showing where to get immediate free marketing help: He introduces content a tab, the blog, and a free 195-page ebook with a quick summary of the content you get.
  5. Leading the visitor to explore the 3 places, emphasizing the opt-in form, saying the ebook is the most valuable freebie.

Here’s a direct link to the YouTube version of the video:

2) Fashion Stylist Elsa Isaac’s blog StyleSense

From Fashion Consultant Elsa Isaac's welcome video
From Fashion Consultant Elsa Isaac’s welcome video

Elsa Isaac’s informal video helps us see her as a positive, competent and helpful image consultant.  She delivers value immediately to relieve your fashion frustrations with a key insight and a free tool to equip you with a needed self-evaluation. Her presentation:

  1. Introduces herself by name with a friendly welcome
  2. Greets visitors with warmth and excitement: saying she’s “So so so thrilled that you’re here and checking me out.”
  3. Defines her identity and audience: she’s a professional NYC fashion stylist, on a mission to “help each and every one of you discover your true sense of style… “  She lays out her frame of reference to embrace an audience of women “frustrated with clothes frustrated with shopping frustrated with the idea of having to get up in the morning and put a good outfit together.”
  4. Offers an instant solution with her unique insight. The foundation to dressing with style, she says, is knowing your body shape, what works best for your shape, and what to avoid.
  5. Leads the visitor to the opt-in feature – a quick tool (4 short blanks) to help you determine your body shape. To get your analysis and recommended style, you submit your email address (you opt in).  Her video and home page gets us learning, interacting and joining at the same time.

Here’s a direct link to the Vimeo version of the video:

3)  Business Writing Consultant Ken O’Quinn, Writing with Clarity

Welcome video from Ken O'Quinn at Writing With Clarity
Welcome video from Ken O’Quinn at Writing With Clarity

This is a very effective demonstration style video.  Unlike the previous two examples, this defines the intended audience and main concerns by giving a free sample of the consultant at work, rather than a prepared welcome.

  1. This excerpt from a workshop shows us who fits as an audience by example – we see a group of employees in a more traditional business setting, clearly focused on Ken’s presentation.
  2. It first zeros in on the main concern – effective business communication – with a clear working definition
  3. We gain several insights we can use to check how well the next message we send is going to connect as we wish.  He empowers us with instant tips to improve our credibility and raise our chances at successful persuasion.
  4. The video is edited to give us concrete evidence of the speaker’s expertise, without wasted words.  We can see we will benefit with actionable advice gained with an economy of effort.
  5. The final frame ends on Ken’s name, contact information and website address.  He leads us to call or explore – with a prominent opt-in offer for more help below the video.

The YouTube link to this video is:!

How to Resist the Common Mistake of Self-Focus

You may be tempted to jump right in and start helping before you’ve made clear who you’re talking to, and to what end.  If you want your website to do its best to help you grow, you need to excite your visitor’s self-interest before you start talking about your offer.

A home page video is a powerful tool to do this, especially if you can reflect your client’s world with these 5 points: 1) Who you intend to help; 2) What problem you address; 3) What change you make possible 4) What ideas can give instant help now; 5) What to do next.

Match Your Message to Your Visitor’s Frame of Reference (Instead of Your Own)

It’s important to remember, your viewer’s state of mind is completely different from yours when it comes to your website.  You don’t need to remind yourself what problem you solve or which people and situations you’re designed to help.  But your home page isn’t intended to help you.  It’s for your visitors – people who need to know quickly if you can meaningfully address their most pressing problem.

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